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2nd floor hallway 2nd floor middle hallway 3rd floor John Whelan room 3rd floor hallway 3rd floor remodel project
2nd floor hallway.jpg         2nd floor middle hallway.jpg         3rd floor John Whelan room.jpg         3rd floor hallway.jpg         3rd floor remodel project.jpg        
Dean's kitchen Dean's remodeled bathroom Deans twin room Gerhard Marcks room Maggie's room
Dean's kitchen.jpg         Dean's remodeled bathroom.jpg         Deans twin room.jpg         Gerhard Marcks room.jpg         Maggie's room.jpg        
Paul Smith balcony room balcony circle drive & pines & apple trees deck from 2nd floor porch gallery (formerly the chapel)
Paul Smith balcony room.jpg         balcony.jpg         circle drive & pines & apple trees.jpg         deck from 2nd floor porch.jpg         gallery (formerly the chapel).jpg